Published orginal articles from the Traditional Chinese Massages in Schaumburg, IL near you.

Traditional Massages are very common in China, and many massage places provide massage services, but you have to find your jewel in the USA!  

Articles we have for you to read about our Tuina Chinese massage therapy.

We hope you will find these articles helpful and how it can benefit you. TuiNa is on of the best way's to sustain your health and comfort in the same time. Learn about these modalities and make an appointment with us.

Our Feature:

Acupressure in Tui-Na! The term "acupressure" will be mistaken like it is related to the practice of acupuncture, but you might be surprised to learn that this natural treatment does not depend on the use of fine needles.Read more:

The Chinese Tui-Na Head Massage!

When you have a headache, you do want to as quickly as possible get rid of the discomfort. The usually known and used methods are pain pills, patches or ointments...Read more:

What is an Auriculotherapy? Your Wellness near you explained

Auriculotherapy is the stimulus of the auricle of the external ear for the prognosis as well as treatment of health conditions in other parts of the body...Read more:

The best way to relax is to get a traditional TuiNa Chinese massage

Chinese TuiNa massage specialists passed down the knowledge, which eventually evolved into modern-day TuiNa deep tissue massage techniques...Read more:

Chinese Traditional Tui-Na Energetic Hand Techniques

The hand techniques utilize a range of principles in their application to specific disorders. These techniques have many classes of therapeutic impacts...Read more:

Partying is cool, but getting a massage after you are hangover is not a great idea!

Don't plan that unwinding Saturday-morning massage the day after partying. Because…… Think of what happens just after you receive a massage...Read more:

Massage therapy for healthier, happier and more productive lives: decreasing stress through massage!

“Stressed” and “busy,” have become often used words to describe our state of being. Such frequent use can desensitize us from the negative impacts of stress. Being dismissive of the adverse effects of stress can be harmful to our health....Read more:

Traditional Thai Massage: The Advantages! Your Wellness near you

Rhythm plays a significant part in the Thai Massage, as it is composed of a series of pressing and compressing movements, which stretch the body....Read more:

Qi - The Essential Life Force in our Tui-Na Massage

Qi, the essential life energy has been referred to by many names over the centuries, appearing in history around 500 B.C. It has also been mentioned in Japan, Korea, and India as a vital life force or the circulating life force energy. The various definitions refer to the movement of energy....Read more:

Ancient Authentic Chinese Tui-Na!

Tui na is a branch of Chinese medicine, which looks at the underlying causes of pain and illness as well as the symptoms. Because Tui na massage can be very relaxing, it is particularly useful to relieve anxiety and stress, promote relaxation and aid sleep....Read more:

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